#FavoriteFriday Laughing Pony Rescue

#FavoriteFriday Laughing Pony Rescue

As seen on our IG Story! Today’s #FavoriteFridaypost features a non-profit organization which was shared to me by my good friend, Jordan Evans. After skydiving in Oceanside a few weeks ago, I was blessed to be able to connect with her and celebrate her birthday. One of the many qualities I love and am inspired by is her giving, kind, and generous heart. She donated her birthday celebration to be charitable and spread awareness to a cause that is so dear to her heart.

Knowing Jordan for almost 5 years now, her love and care not only extends to people but also to animals. Making sure animals are treated humanely is her mission. So much so that she is a passionate advocate and volunteer for a non-profit horse rescue organization called Laughing Pony Rescue (LPR) located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. They are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and placing all breeds of sick, abused, rejected, abandoned, neglected and slaughter-bound equine; including wild horses and mustangs, ponies and donkeys.

I was shocked and sad to learn that approximately 6000 horses are trucked and slaughtered every week. Most of these horses are adoptable and just need a home. Moreover, there are horses known as Premarin Farm Mares. These are mares that are impregnated and kept in stalls during the last 6 months of pregnancy so their urine can be collected. This urine contains estrogen that is used to produce Premarin for women’s hormone therapy during their menopause. The mares are kept pregnant and dehydrated so the estrogen can be harvested.

Meet Barbie, she was a Premarin mare and was so severely dehydrated that the trauma she experienced has given her anxiety. So much so that if her water bucket is not full to the brim, she will get nervous, scared and defensive.

Currently, they have about 10 rescued horses on the ranch and they are rescuing more horses across the country, finding homes for them too. If this cause touches your heart please support them.

A great way to support is to visit their website and read more about them at www.laughingponyrescue.org. You’ll get to meet their rescues and the ones for adoption. You’ll also learn different ways to help from raising awareness to donating or becoming a monthly donor which I became in honor of Jordan’s Bday and these beautiful loving horses. No act of kindness is too small. Let us all support this worthy cause and save one animal at a time.

Check out her Instagram account @skyjordananimals for more info.